Thursday, June 9, 2011

Welcome to Entertainment!!

Hey everyone!! I thought I would send in a quick little post.

Today was my first day of training although I wasn't the fun training. I think I have mentioned before that since I trained as an attendant the way training goes has been changed. There is now a general entertainment class that you take before splitting into your individual areas called Welcome to Entertainment. The change is actually kinda nice in that it beings all areas under entertainment together including costuming, photopass, attendants, and performers. It also makes our training more similar to other areas in hat we now have a general day at Disney University to get us started.

Now that being said I found it rather boring. That isn't so much a negative reflection on the class as much as it is that I already know all the info they shared from attendant training. There was a nice tour part which was fun and included things I haven't done before. However considering I was waived through as an attendant I really should have been waived through this time. In fact the reason I am actually writing this ATM is because I don't have to do any e-learning and so can just sit outside killing time and getting paid. It's rather grand.

I will say though I am very glad I am taking the class because without it I wouldn't meet people. I'm not going to even act like I'm not annoyed by people. I can already see the subtle posturing and bragging. I'm not a theatre major or a dancer or in any real entertainmenty things so I'm not used to that sort of thing and I really have little patience for it. I know the entertainment department can be very hierarchal so I guess I will see how I survive.

On another note one of my W2E facilitators, Katy, is actually one of the trainers I had on my very first day of attendant training. Another random thing is there were two entertainment managers sitting in on the first part of our class one of which was a studios manager, Tracey. Both of them somewhat recognized and remembered me and once I mentioned how I knew them, were all oh yaaa! I thought it was rather funny.

So thats pretty much it for today. Tonight I am going to watch my twin drive in DEP. I start core training tomorrow and I'm quite excited about that. I'm not sure if I will have time (or energy) to do little updates like this but I will of course try.

Love and Kisses,

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