Thursday, June 16, 2011

First Real Day!

So today is my first real day of work. I am honestly a bit nervous. I am working in an inside location but it is one where I have a whole group of people dependent on my ability to keep the line moving. Writing that makes me realize thats really not anything new. As an attendant I was in charge of keeping the line moving but I also realize that this time around its completely different.

In other news I am not as frustrated as I was yesterday about my face type out experience. I know of a girl who is friends with Kryssy who has had the same experience I had (being looked at and talked about) multiple times but has never gotten pulled. However I just have to hope that I will get pulled. I am feeling confident and very go get em tiger. I have to know that they saw something they liked and will hopefully pull me at the July 5th type out. Kryssy talked to a girl who went 5 times before getting pulled for anything. While I don't have that amount of time, I do know that nothing with Disney has ever come on the first try for me. I really can't expect that this will either.

One of my trainers used an analogy of cake to describe the entertainment experience. Everyone who makes it into the department starts out with cake. Some people get icing on their cake and some people get icing and sprinkles. It can take a while to get those extra layers and some people may never get them. But hard work and time can get you to those extra layers. I know how hard I worked to even get that piece of cake that I have. I am just going to give it my all and hope that my icing will come and maybe I will get some sprinkles too.


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