Wednesday, March 16, 2011

T - 8 days!

Well hello there everyone!

Sorry it has been such a while since I last blogged (really blogged not that little update thing). I have been a busy bee with school and such. But I am finally freeeee!

I am actually sitting in the airport getting ready to fly to St. Louis for a friend's wedding. It seems that even when I am doing something completely unrelated to Disney, Disney finds me. The people sitting next to me have either just come from a Disney park or are on their way. The mom is looking at Disney Vacation Club brochures and the daughter is hanging out with her Jessie doll in her Mickey hat. And the mother is sporting Mickey Mouse sock and watch. Can we say ironic? I even look like I am one of them since my big Sorcerer Mickey pook-a-looz is popping out of my carry on bag. He is my travel companion. :)

In other news... 8 days till Austin entertainment auditions!

Blerg, Eek!, AHHHHH!

As I am sure I have said before I am both really excited and really nervous. Although at the moment I'm not so nervous. More excited and amped up. Yesterday was the first audition in Salt Lake City. Ironically today is the St. Louis audition day. Although that audition started about an hour ago at 1pm central time. No one posted in the FB group or DIS about attending the Salt Lake audition. Hopefully someone will about going to the St. Louis one. I am quite curious to see what the animations are. I think they may be different than the traditional ones but I have absolutely no way of knowing that for sure. 

I am currently in audition prep stage. I am about as confident as I can possibly be in my dancing ability. I am taking a dance class so I am about as prepared as I can possibly be in that department. As for animations I have just be standing in front of a mirror and acting like characters, mainly Minnie. Really big, sassy, girly movements. I figure if I can do that, then I will hopefully be able to do the animation sequences. Although I wouldn't be adverse to knowing what the scenarios at this year's auditions have been. :D

I have also been trying to figure out what style make-up to wear to the auditions. Its really a question of eye makeup. I plan on wearing pink lipstick and pink blush. As a friend put it "circle blush" aka circles right on the apples of my cheeks. The debate in the eye makeup comes in should I try and go more Tinker-bell or just something that will make my eyes pop. And if I go with the eyes pop should I go with colors that will make my eyes look blue or green. I have blue-green eyes that lean more towards green most of the time but the colors I wear can change that. Any thoughts? Perhaps I will post tests pictures here and get some opinions.

Other than auditions not much is going on in the Disney front. The days are slowly ticking away till graduation and check in. My birthday is also at the end of this month so I am counting down to that. The current countdown is: 14 days till my 22nd birthday, 58 days till graduation, and 81 days till check-in. Speaking of check-in I need to start figuring out travel logistics. Ideally I would be able to get someone else to come with me in another car so I could have more room to bring some stuff. It would be super duper fab if I could bring some of the furniture that I know I will use and that can then be there for when I move out of CP housing. Like a little bookcase or other random things. That way they don't have to be stored. But odds are if someone comes with me then we will both me in my car. Which would be fine since that is what I did last time. I have checked into hotel rooms. GO ME! Oddly (or really not since it is Disney) staying on site at a value resort even with my 50% off CM discount would be about the same or a little more than staying at the Holiday Inn Sunspree. And if it is the same or more plus travel time... well then its not worth it.

Anyway. Thats all for now. I will post more audition-y stuff soon. :)

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