Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oh Look! More Invitations!

... but none for me. Waah Waaaaaah.

But lets be honest here the real reason I am posting this is to update my list of roles currently offered. Now of course this is not totally accurate becuase there is a high possibility someone has been offered something that I don't have on my list and I either missed them or perhaps they never said what they were offered.

The old list: Merchandise, Attractions, QSFB, FSFB, Lifeguard, Housekeeping

The updated list: Merchandise, Attractions, QSFB, FSFB, Lifeguard, Housekeeping, Custodial, and Main Entrance Ops.

That is all I have seen so far. No Attendants or Photopass.  I secretly hope that the reason I haven't been accepted for Merch or Attractions (both of which I checked) is because I am going to get one of my top choices which they haven't sent any invites out for. I of course realize that this is the most BS statement ever and the fact that I haven't heard back yet does not mean anything, positive or negative, it just means I haven't heard.

Anyways. I have to believe that I will hear soon. Friday is my day. 


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