Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Still fighting

It feels like the fight to get my school to recognize the college program is a never ending fight. I have finally managed to get the transcript for the CP class I took (Disney Corporate Analysis) to my registrar. The first time I ordered it, it never made it to my school. I think it must have gotten lost in the mail. But ACE was super awesome and called my registrars office and then mailed another copy (with no charge to me) when it was confirmed the registrar never got it.

So now that it has finally made it to school I am having to fight to get it to count for the correct credit. As it currently stands it counts as just an elective. The problem with this is that a year ago (maybe longer since I may have originally talked to Kim when I applied for the Fall 09 program) I was told by an Assistant to the Dean of the school of humanities that it would count as an Organizational Communication elective. So based on that I have registered for classes thinking I only need regular electives, not communication electives. And now Kim, the assistant, is telling me that she needs more information about the course in order to give me credit. Now this is all fine, dandy, and understandable but it would have been much nicer if she had mentioned this way back when I asked her about credit last fall. I have been under the impression that it is definitely going to get credit. And now I find out that is not necessarily true.

Super frustrating. I would have gotten her all of my course materials earlier in the semester had I known this. I'm not really worried about getting the communication credit. Looking at the course materials it is easy to see that it relates to communication classes at SEU. In fact I even left sticky notes all over the packet of course materials pointing out all of the similarities. And if it doesn't count as a communication elective, I will just drop the general electives I will be taking next semester and overload into a communication class. I'm a graduating senior so its not like they are going to deny me.

I guess the moral of this story for any future CPers is to stay on top of your school. If they say they are going to give you credit, keep in contact with them about that. And get started on getting that credit as soon as you get back from your program. DON'T WAIT! Because if your school doesn't have a stream lined process for doing the College Program, your likely to encounter difficulties.


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