Thursday, November 5, 2009

Post Audition 2.0 Review!

What is this?! 2 posts in 2 days!?

I promise I have not been abducted by aliens and replaced by a robot version of myself. Interesting concept but not reality.

So my audition was interesting. I think I did alright. As with last year it is just to hard to tell. I know my animations/characterizations were good. I worked hard on making sure my movements were big and expressive. I tried to remember to smile, which I think I managed. It was quite fun.

The process went almost exactly the same as last year. Since it was in the afternoon I had to wait all day to go to the audition. I had a butterfly filled anxious stomach all day long. I knew that it was just the wait and that proved to be true. As soon as I got there and sat down in the "waiting pin" I was fine. Unlike last time we were allowed to wait in the building inside one of the studios. I met Geoffrey who I had talked to on the facebook group. I felt like a dusche when about 45 mins into hanging out with him while waiting I realized I was pronouncing his name wrong. :o I also met a lot of other people whose names I don't remember. I did finally get to meet Lauren, a girl from the facebook group, and I saw Marina again.

-topic hijacking-
Did I ever post to mention that I had met Marina a first time? Well I did. She is another member of the facebook group who happens to live in Austin. She lives on the total opposite side of Austin from me. Sometime in September we met up at a local ice cream shop (Amy' Ice Cream for those of you who are wondering) to chat and mingle. It was very nice and I really enjoined meeting someone from the group.
-now back to the regularly scheduled topic-

So I guess I was a speedy speedster and filled out my form ridiculously fast because I was the first person to turn in my paperwork. That means I was #1 in group #1. BLAH! I am really not sure that was my best idea. However I really expected it to be fine.

The choreography for whatever reason was harder for me this time. I think it had to do with the choreographer. She didn't repeat the moves quite as much as the choreographer from my last audition. She also did use counts as much in teaching us the moves or play the music when we practiced each segment. I think that my difficulty in learning the dance could also have been influenced by not taking a dance class this semester like I did last time. Basically I kinda sucked at the dance beacuse not only did I not learn it very well but I had NO time to practice it because I was #1. I did show I could learn some stuff since I did manage to get the beginning down and that I can keep on a rhythm both of which are what they want to see.

We shall see if I pass or not. As with last year I will find out in 2-3 weeks via email. I did the best I could and if I don't make it I am still going to be a Character Attendant. I still only know of one other person who is a CA. I am sure there are more.. I just have not found them..... yet. (bahahahaha!)

One last random tidbit. Last year there were 93(or 2 can't remember) people at the audition but this year there was only 75. I was also measured at 61in which means that I was placed at my real height. That somewhat worries me. (BLERG EEEK! GASP!)

And FIN!

or not.. I have one little thing more to say. So that paper I had to write for my PR class...I stayed up literally all night to finish it. I went to sleep at 6:15 this morning and got like 3.5-4 hours of sleep. I have been surprisingly awake and peppy all day and had only one Vault at 3:30 for taste more than caffeine. Technically it was not an all nighter since I went to bed before sunrise, but only by about 30 mins. However if it was an all nighter it was my first in all of college created as a result of school work. RA incidents I do not count.

and now I am really done..

CURTAIN CLOSE!! (as I am dragged off the stage by one of those long wooden hook/cane things)


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