Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Audition 2.0!

AHHH! My audition for character performer is tomorrow. I am not freaking out per say but I am anxious and am definitely thinking about it. I am worried that I will die because I am out of shape. I at least had a dance class last time to give me some endurance. Not this semester.

I have been working on my characterizations. I think I have perfected them a bit more this time around. I certainly hope they are the same situations that I was given last time. lol. I would love for them to be the same so I can worry more about the dance tomorrow. I would like to be in the second or third group. Beginning of second so I can watch the choreographer would be great however beginning of third would be equally awesome. I am coming prepped with all my mental info so I will be able to speed write and get my info card turned in quickly.

People who I know are going are arriving as early as 2:30. I am interested to see if this audition will be more or less crowded and if arriving that early is necessary. I certainly hope it isn't because I don't plan on getting there any earlier than 2:45. Most likely at 3:00. I figure if there is really a line already formed I can jump in line with some friends. lol. The pre line also doesn't really matter all that much since they sit you down first to explain how to fill out the paperwork. So speed will be my friend...and I am very speedy. BAHAHAHA!

In other random news... I am writing another paper about Disney for school. It is for my PR class and it has to be about a PR Campaign. I decided to do it on the PR aspect of the year of a million dreams campaign. It will be my third Disney paper. My First was a communication theory paper about George Herbert Mead's theory of the looking glass self and I and Me using the comparative tool of Disney Princesses and Cinderella in particular. The second paper was on the corporate culture of Pixar for my Organizational Communication class. By the time I graduate my Disney obsession will be readily apparent to all who look at my Comm Portfolio since I plan to use these papers in them since they are so awesome. I even have a professor using my Princess paper in that class as an example for other students. :D

That is all for today! I shall try to write tomorrow but that PR paper is due Thursday and I have done next to diddly squat on it. We shall see if I have the time to write.

TA-TA For now my loves!

PS: !! 68 days 9 hours 37 mins and tick tick tick seconds till 8am check in at Vista Way on Jan 11th!


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