Tuesday, March 17, 2009


My interview was about and hour and a half ago. I think I did really well. I really tried to be honest and show my bubbly personality. I was asked what were my top 2 roles. I said Character Performer and attractions. I kinda wish I had said Bibbidi Bobbidi Botique but quite honestly it slipped through the cracks of my brain. I am relatively sure that once I find out who my recruiter is I can call and place that as my second fav. I am not positive about that but in the end it doesn't really matter. I made sure to only check things that I would actually want to do so as long as I get something that I checked I will be happy.

On a positive note I asked what are my chances of getting a role I want if I don't pass my audition and my interviewer, Susan, said that because I checked such a large amount (9 roles) that I would be likely to get something I would like. Or at least that is what i interpreted from her answer, which was a lot less concrete and more if-y.
I must say that all of the preparation I did helped SO MUCH. I browsed through several different threads on several different forums to get an idea of what type of questions I might be asked. While it varies from interviewer to interviewer there was definitely some overlap and if nothing else answering the other questions put me in the right mind frame.
So now comes the wait. I have to wait till April 19th to do my audition. After the audition I have 3 weeks to wait before I get my purple folder :D Basically just as school is ending, I will find out if I am accepted or not. Which is perfect because then I have to worry about the stupid school post office. Oh Joy.

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