Monday, March 16, 2009

Disney or Bust!

So I thought I would try and record my Disney College Program Experience. I watched the online presentation on Friday. I finished my application and role checklist on Friday too. I had to wait til today to call and set up my interview time. I ended up choosing to interview tomorrow at 7:20pm. Can we say short notice? I am wondering if that was the best choice but I can't exactly do much about it now. I really want to get that part over with anyway. I don't think I could stand the anticipation of waiting any longer.

Unfortunately I am going to have to wait anyway. I recently found out that Disney now has a character performer position for Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell has been one of my favorite Disney characters for so long. I decided that even though I am going to be so scared and nervous of auditioning if there is even a small chance that I might be able to be Tinkerbell I had to go and audition. So that is what I am going to do on April 19th at Ballet Austin. I know that it is not very likely that I will get to be Tinkerbell but maybe I will and if nothing else perhaps my short stature will help me be chosen to be a fur character.

Even if I don't get chosen to be a character performer as long as I get accepted into the program I will be happy. My wish list for roles are as follows:
  • Character Performer
  • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Hostess- I hear that this is a very competitive position and that it is possible that salon experience is preferred. :( so who knows
  • Attractions
  • Merchandise
  • Hospitality
The last three are all ranked very closely. I also know that Attractions and Hospitality are pretty popular

Lastly I am very worried that I am going to be at a disadvantage because I am applying late and attending a late audition. I am scared that if I don't pass the audition all of the roles that I really want might be filled. I just have to to hope that in the chance I don't pass the audition (which my positive visualizations say won't happen-- I am going to pass my audition :D) my luck will hold out and I will get a role that I want.

So that is it for now. I am now going to send out emails to the registrar and my financial adviser so I can go talk to them about how I could work everything out with the College Program. BLAH!


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