Saturday, November 5, 2011

Event # 3: WDW 40th Anniversery

I know, I know. A month after the event I am finally getting around to blogging about it.


Anyways the 40th anniversary was on October 1st and was amazing. I had the morning off but worked at 4:00 so I spent the morning at Magic Kingdom and then went down into the tunnels to start my work day . Because I worked that evening I parked in cast parking and went through the tunnels to get to the park. Since that isn't exactly proper I tried to be sneaky and slow so that I didn't pop out into the parks before there were any guests. I think I got into the park about 9:30 or so (I really have no idea lol) when guests were just beginning to come in. All of my roommates came as well but we arrived separately.

I picked up the awesome 40th anniversary maps and got myself a commemorative button. I then found myself a seat for the character cavalcade that I knew was coming. At one point I ended up running down the street to find my roomies and we went back to the spot I was previously in only to find that two old ladies that had been standing next to me and stole my spot. Slightly frustrating considering I had been gone for literally a minute. It turned out alright though because I just crowded in on them and got my space back. After the parade went past we followed it down to the castle hub where Meg Crofton and some other guy whose name escapes me made little speeches. The Dapper Dans then lead a sing along of When You Wish Upon A Star. That was very cool and moving to say the least.

 Yes that is indeed a shot from between one of those old ladies legs. It was about the only way I could see around her. Super annoying?... yes. 

They had just kissed. Too cute. 

Why yes. Flynn is Smoldering. And I did catch it on film. 

That was pretty much all for the 40th events. They were giving out free cupcakes but I didn't want to stand in the ridiculously long line so I missed out on that. There was a lot of special merch things and artist signings going on in the parks but yet again, I wasn't really interested. Even though I didn't necessarily partake in any of the 40th specific events I did get to enjoy several things I have never experienced at MK. I saw the trolly show and saw an adorable little girl dressed as a Trolly girl. super cute.

I saw some of the Main Street characters including the Mayor, Fire Chief, and some of the Suffragettes.  I also saw this band that I have no idea what they are called. They are not the Dapper Dans or any other group I have heard of. They were very cool though and one of them had worked at WDW since park open.

The man in the yellow shirt is the 40 year cast member. 

I forgot to mention that I dressed up a bit. Its not really a 70s dress but it is vintage (late 50s) and adorable. It was a very fun day and I am glad I got to be a part of it. I spent some time with my roommates and some friends. After we watched Celebrate A Dream Come True, it was time for me to go to work. I worked at Chef Mickey's that night so unlike many people I have both a parks 40th anniversary button as well as a resort 40th anniversary button.  

The marathon event weekend was exhausting but was definitely worth it. I didn't end up getting to go to another Halloween party which was sad but there is always next year. The Halloween parties just ended on Nov. 1st and the Christmas parties will begin in just a few days on the 8th. I will of course be going to at least one and will post pictures and such. 

Till next time,


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